Friday, October 25, 2013

Summer Flower Friends and the First Frost

There's been a killing frost here, and it's time to say good by to summer friends like some of the beautiful celosia flowers.  But we get to rejoice that the terrible spiky pigweed crumpled up and died with the frost.

 We harvested about 600 pounds of peppers and 400 pounds of green and red tomatoes a few days before this cool weather came 'round.  Pumpkins, garlic, and sweet potatoes  are brought down to a warmer place than the barn, so they'll keep for winter.

We are almost ready to plant garlic! Plant in November and harvest in June.  
Compost makes a crazy pumpkin jungle! These are heirloom South Mtn pumpkins. Grown in the area for about 50 years.
Carrot tops and celosia flowers in the background

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