Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Heritage Chop Sale

Winter Sale!   
   Stock up on these delicious heritage chops, and help us free up space in our freezer.  Very tender and succulent heritage pork chops with beautiful marbling and topped with a thick cap of fat. These heritage chops are amazing, and this type of pork chop is beyond compare!
   These are the last of our thick heritage chops- this is your last chance to get these rare, succulent chops.  We won't have chops from the English Large Black heritage hogs again. (We're incorporating the breed into our entire herd, and our regular chops will have enhanced marbling.)  
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2 bone-in chops in a pack, pack approx 1.5-2.3 lbs each.
Sale price 
$8.80 per pound for 1 pack of chops
$7.80 per pound for 2 or more packs of chops
Regular price $10.50/lb.

Photo: This individual chop weighs approx 1 pound.  All chops are packed 2 per pack.

What do I do with all that fat? The fat on these pork chops has not been trimmed off, so you can cook with it on or you can slice it off with a steak knife.  We love to cook with it on, and eat some of the fat after it is well cooked (similar to pork belly.)  The fat from this breed is a delicacy.

Is it done? We prefer our pork cooked to medium or medium well. A slight bit of pink is safe and very juicy.  The great thing about these heritage chops is that you can cook them well done and the meat is still tender from the advanced marbling.

Cooking tips: Use med to med-low heat on the grill to roast the fat without cooking the pork too quickly.  Or lower your broiler rack one shelf in the oven and use a drip pan below the rack.

Advanced tip: We like to hold the chops with tongs vertically on the narrow side (on edge) on a med heat  on the grill for about 5 minutes.   This effectively cooks only the fat first.  Then I turn down the grill to a med low and put the chops (broad side down this time) on the top rack  until the pork is finished cooking to your liking.

What if I want to cut the fat off before cooking- can I use it for something? You can cure the fat in your fridge! You can trim the fat off, and then lightly roll it in kosher salt.  You want a lot more salt than you would season with, but you don't want a solid layer of salt.  Then put the fat into a ziplock bag, press the air out, and store in your fridge for 7-10 days.  After that put the entire bag into the freezer.  Cut off thick "butter pats" and crisp it in the pan like bacon. You will have little golden crisps and some good cooking oil in the pan. Remove the crisps or "lardons," and use the oil for cooking greens or any recipe that calls for bacon fat.
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Fed organic grains
cut 1.25-1.5 inch thick
Total weight varies: 1.5-2.3 lbs
Purchased by the pound
Each pack of chops is slightly different weight.

actual totals vary with weight