Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Winter Orders and Family Pork Pack sale!

Order your Family Pork Pack or pork by the cut now on our Online Farm store and pickup this Saturday in Morganton, Hickory, or Conover. This is your only opportunity to order Bluebird Farm Pastured Pork in December! Last chance before the holidays.  You can order Family Pork Packs or even just a few pounds of our wonderful pork on our Online Farm Store. We won’t have another winter order until February, so stock up now.  We also have a limited amount of our lean pastured beef.

We are excited to announce our winter Family Pork Pack sale! 
Family Pork Packs are a great way to try all our delicious pork cuts-delicious thick pork chops, finger lickin’ ribs, amazing pork roasts, fresh bacon, and of course all of our lean flavor-full sausages.  We offer two sizes of packs to suit your family’s needs-large and small Pork Packs.  Receive a 5% discount on your pork pack when you order one for pick up this weekend!
·        Small Family Pork Pack
·        Large Family Pork Pack
·        Sausage Sampler
See Family Pork Pack descriptions below. Pickup Details below.

Why does our pastured pork taste so good?
     Bluebird Farm pigs are raised outside rooting freely in the woods or in the pasture.  Happy and healthy pigs produce the best meat you can find.  They also eat a diverse, certified organic grain diet that is 100% GMO-free.  Instead of just corn and soy, Bluebird Farm pigs eat a ground mixture that contains barley, peas, alfalfa, oats, and many other grains.  We buy certified organic grain from Reedy Fork Farm in Elon, NC.
     When we purchase organic feed we are support other organic farmers.  These organic grain farmers grow large fields of amber waves of grain in diverse, soil building crop rotations that leave the land better than it started.  Organic practices prevent the use of dangerous chemicals, protect water quality, encourage biodiversity, and develop soil health.
     Most grain in this country is genetically modified, engineered to produce their own pesticides and resist powerful herbicides.  Broad spectrum us of herbicides and pesticides are used on thousands of acres of monoculture fields (think Iowa) polluting ground water, killing all insects (most of which are beneficial), and degrading soil health.   Crops produced on degraded soil are frequently less nutritious than those grown on healthy soil.
Remember we are what we eat-and our animals are too!
In addition, we raise our pigs so that they benefit our farm ecosystem instead of creating problems, like most industrial pigs.  At Bluebird Farm they help provide fertilizer for vegetables, protect our layer hens, clear underbrush in our woods.  Industrial production overcrowds pigs, creating problems instead of solutions.
When you buy Bluebird Farm pastured pork, you are buying local, sustainable agriculture!

Small Family Pack  (Approx. 20 lbs)
6  Chops (3 pack of 2 each)
1  Roast: Shoulder or Fresh Ham  (approx 3.5 lb each)
4  Country Sausage (ground,1 lb each)
4  Italian Sausage or Bratwurst 1 lb each
4  Packs of Spare Ribs 1 lb each
1  Pack fresh bacon 1 lb each

Contains a variety of cuts totaling approximately 20 pounds* of pork.    Stock up and “shop” from your freezer-you’ll have all the great cuts of pork to make delicious meals.  Try the pork chops for grilling, roasts for hearty dinners, ground country sausage for quick savory meals.  The Small Family Pack will fit in your refrigerator’s freezer with plenty of room to spare!  Approx. $175

Large Family Pack  (Approx. 40 lbs)
12  Chops (3 pack of 2 each)
2  Roast: Shoulder or Fresh Ham  (approx 3.5 lb each)
8  Country Sausage (ground,1 lb each)
8  Italian Sausage or Bratwurst 1 lb each
2  Packs of Spare Ribs 1 lb each
1  Pack fresh bacon 1 lb each
Stock up on a variety of cuts totaling about 40 pounds* of meat.  A great variety pack with all the common cuts including more sausage and pork chops! If you have a little more space in your freezer this is a great way to stock up and “shop” from your freezer.  Approx. $340

Sausage Sampler
3  Country Sausage (ground,1 lb each)
3  Italian Sausage
3  Bratwurst 1 lb each
Contains a sampling of all our delicious pork sausages!   Includes our popular Country Sausage, Bratwurst, plus your choice of links or ground Sweet Italian.

Pickup Locations
Saturday December 15th
111 N. Green St. (Uptown Wed Mini Market location, across from CVS)
            Conover Hardware, 101 2nd St SW
                noon- 1pm
            Youssef 242 Restaurant, 242 11nd Ave NE