Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Springtime Glory

(Far left) William is so happy that we're getting the tomato hoops in the ground!
William's brother, Oliver, came to visit for a few days and helped out with springtime work.
Oliver (left) and Keegan (right) are setting out lettuce transplants at the proper 12inch spacing so we can have nice, purdy heads of buttercrunch lettuce.

(Left) The garlic is getting nice and tall. it is getting taller by the day...only about 4-6 more weeks 'til it is GARLIC time.
(Right) Spring seedlings are glowing with a green luster in the field. The black lines are our irrigation drip tapes.

baby carrots sure look like little weeds at this age

Side view of the Long Field. Tomato hoops in background.

Spring glory in the Long Field

Rye cover crop

New vegetable field! What a beauty!

Different angle of same new veggie field

Sheep and cattle pastures with a freshly tilled area at base of hill..will seed a cover crop/forage there.

What a cool dog. She rides shotgun. Every time.

Friday, April 18, 2014

2014 Farmers' Markets

You can find Bluebird Farm at these local Farmers Markets:
 10:00 am- 3:00 pmApril 16thOctober 29th 
Chemical-free vegetables, pastured pork, beef, and chicken available 
LOCATION: Union Square- next to Olde Hickory Tap Room 

Bluebird Farm: Wednesday only, May 21st until September 24th,  
Drop by the farm between 4:00pm and 6:00pm on Wednesday only. 
No need to call or email prior during this time on Wednesday only.
Pastured pork, beef, and chicken available. 
         We are busy farming sunrise to sunset other days!  >>>Directions to our farm.

8:00 am-1:00 pm, April 19th-October 25th 

Chemical-free vegetables, pastured pork, beef, and chicken available 
LOCATION: Union Square- next to Olde Hickory Tap Room

 Morganton Downtown Farmers Market: 8 am -noon, April 19th- October 25th 
  Chemical-free vegetables, pastured pork, beef, and chicken available.
LOCATION: 300 Beach St. in downtown Morganton, behind Geppeto's
                             Look for the Farmers' Market sign on Green St. 

  Charlotte Regional Farmers' Market: 8 am -1:pm, March 1st-December 13th 
    Chemical-free vegetables, pastured pork, beef, and chicken available
    LOCATION: 1801 Yorkmont Road

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What have your farmers been up to?

 Preparing vegetable fields for planting...

Compost delivery! We can use more compost than we can make/generate on our farm. We purchase this compost from Earth Farms in Gaston County, NC. www.earthfarms.com
We won't have to shovel this compost. Yes that is a tractor trailer dump truck. Amazing.
Truck spreading compost across the vegetable fields. We're aiming for a 3/4 inch layer across 3 acres.
Nice dark soil after the compost is spread.
Raised beds are prepared for planting

Lots of baby vegetables.

 January and February were filled with wintry days and nights. We hauled hot water to make sure the animals had thawed water to drink. 

The sheep and chickens are back on pasture. The sheep don't want any more hay. We feed hay from January to early April. About 12-16 weeks each year. We'd much prefer the animals to harvest their own food on the pasture instead of us hauling the hay to their barn.
In memory of Anatasia....we'll miss your fluffy feathers! Anatasia was a silkie bantam.