Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Saturday Market of the Season in Hickory and Morganton

We will have broccoli at market tomorrow- just a smaller amount- as the plants wind down.
Oh My! Beets, carrots, and scallions will be making their appearances at market tomorrow.  These carrots just glow orange and the beets just drip their deep magenta color.  The scallions smell so savory and fresh!

We still have tomatoes- we picked them before the freeze and we are saving them in a sheltered spot away from freezing temperatures!

Last few regular Farmers' Markets, but we have monthly orders all winter!


Tomorrow is the last Saturday market in Morganton.  See below for out monthly meat orders November-March.


One more Saturday market (tomorrow)  and one more Wednesday market.  We will be at a November mini market at Youssef 242 from 11-2 on Nov 6, 13, and 20th.

Monthly Winter Orders-

Remember, we have monthly orders for meat from November-March in Hickory and Morganton. We'll send out an email, and then you can order as little as 1 pound of sausage to as much as you need to stock up!  
Meat Availability: We'll have all types of pork through the winter, chicken until around Christmas, and beef until it all sells- (February or March?) We won't have lamb cuts through the winter.

Fall Meat Packs. Buy in Bulk and Save.

Haven't ordered a Fall Meat Pack yet? Don't worry- we still have chicken, pork, and beef packs available to stock your freezer.  We have some lamb items still available.  Make sure to contact us for chicken, beef, and lamb- we will run out of these items, so order soon!

Enjoy whole chickens, lamb stew, beef roasts, and pork sausages. Delicious meals from humane, pastured meats.  We have all sizes of meat packs to stock your freezer for wintertime meals.  Order your Fall Pasture Meat Packs now.  Lamb, Pork, Chicken, and Beef.

Pastured Beef

Our steers are raised on grass pastures without medications.
Our animals are moved to fresh, healthy new pastures every week for the best growth from grass.   

We supplement the steers with small amounts of organic corn, alfalfa, and wheat to help supplement just the right amount of fat to ensure juicy beef.  We've partnered with our family friend, who is our neighbor and farming mentor to raise tender and lean beef on pasture.

Beef at Market!  Check out the market list below for some of the beef items we will have at market tomorrow.  

Check out these tips for grilling a sirloin steak- Remember lean beef is best rare to medium rare! Maybe on the threshold of medium....


Stew Beef: 1 lb packs

Sirloin Steaks
Beef Kabob
NY Strip Steaks
Sold out of Filet

Sold out of Ground beef- Pre-order a 10 one lb pack of ground beef and save 10%.

Why don't we have many of the beef cuts? Many cuts made it straight into folks' freezers through our Fall Beef Packs. Don't worry- you can still get our Fall Meat Packs and have beef, pork, chicken, and lamb this winter.


Always grown with organic methods- compost, cover crops, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides if needed.

No synthetic chemicals. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers.  


  • Arugula- Spicy!  

  • Carrots

  • Beets

  • Scallions

  • Broccoli! Sweet

  • Watermelon Radishes- Very crunchy with a little sweet and a little spice. Giant!

  • French Breakfast Radishes- little radishes.  Try…grate, slice, or chop and add salt and olive oil.  Let marinate for about 5-10 minutes before eating.

  • Tomatoes- grown under a hoophouse for best flavor.

  • Kale- Tender baby leaves

  • Baby Collards- Tender mild leaves

  • Head Lettuce, Red Buttercrunch "Skyphos"

  • Baby Lettuce Mix

  • Hawkerai Salad Turnips, Sweet white and Spicy red

Pastured Pork

We have a full selection of our delicious pastured pork. Our hogs are fed GMO-free certified organic grains and raised outdoors on pasture.·       

Order a Family Pork Pack and stock up for winter!  

Thick bone-in chops
Country sausage
Shoulder roasts
Boneless ham roasts
Spare ribs and country backbones
Spicy chorizo sausage
Sweet Italian sausage
Thick sliced side meat
Ground pork

Free Range, Pastured Eggs-

The hens aren't laying as much during the fall/winter season.  Make sure to pre-order your eggs or get to market early!  Most of our hens will stop laying around November 1st.

Our hens are raised outdoors in the sunshine! The pastures are green and the hens are exploring with the sheep flock. 

Pastured Chicken-

Limited Supply. You can pre-order chickens on our online store and stock up for winter.
~Order 5 or more whole and/or cut-up chickens and save $0.50 per pound.

All of our meat chickens are fed Certified Organic Grains. The meat chickens are out running and flapping through the new lush grass.  We raise the Freedom Ranger meat chicken breed on grass pastures, and we feed 100% certified organic grains, GMO-free.

>>>See our Herb Roasted Chicken recipe here.<<<

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