Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Assorted Photos from the Farm

Hello, all! I've had some time over the past few weeks to take some photos I thought I'd share. 

A  young Freedom Ranger chicken

One of our beautiful black pigs!

Pigs enjoying their new section of pasture

Baby Curly Kale plants

A section of the Fall Garden in it's young stages

Young leaf inside of a Collard plant

The center of a young collard

Mmmm... Collard Greens!

Tazi the sheep guard dog with her flock & laying hens

A brand new baby chicken that we hatched inside the incubator! Laying his head on a few eggs that haven't hatched yet-hatching is hard work!

I'll try to keep taking photos consistently & sharing them with  you all! Until next time ~ Hannah

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