Friday, October 4, 2013

Rockin it on the farm

Sweetest broccoli
Thomas, Hannah, and Keegan are keeping us going! With their help, we have a smooth flow to the farm work right now- there is even a bit of an easiness to the pace as we grow veggies, tend to animals, and prepare for winter.

Watermelon radish
Golden rays and arugula salad
 We have been rockin' it on the farm this fall!  Really getting a beautiful garden planted, watered, weeded, harvested and all the important details in between.

Baby lettuces 
Heirloom Garlic- such a warm sweet garlic flavor
baby lettuce mix in the bag- ready!
Sweet Asian salad turnips. so crunchy.

The animals have been so content.  Fresh grass, cool water, and good organic grains that magically appear when the humans show up.  We let them root, peck, graze, and nap and check on them to make sure everyone is doing okay.
Every animal appreciates being an outdoor critter!

Thanks to everyone who is supporting our little sustainable farm and enjoying our farm meats and vegetables! We can't do it with you.  We're growing for you!.

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  1. Loved my CSA box this week. I shared the turnips (with olive oil and salt) around the office - I thought they were delicious [from a life-long turnip-hater]. :)