Thursday, December 19, 2013

Newborn Lambs Galore!

We have 7 new lambs in 3 days here on the farm.  It's been perfect weather- sunny, 60 degree days. And all the ewes have had their lambs in the daylight, so we can check on the lambs and so that the lambs don't get cold too quickly.  Everything is better with sunlight involved.
Fuzz and her twins at 1 hour old

Sweet Pea licking off her lamb

Fuzz and her twins!

Wooly Bear and her triplets at 1 hour old.

Triplets nursing!

Sweet Pea (all black sheep) and twins (1 black, 1 white) meeting the flock after sleeping overnight in the "Maternity Stall"

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  1. Oh this is so amazing! The lambs are adorable.I am loving your blog and reading about your lives, your farm, animals, etc. Keep posting!