Friday, December 13, 2013

No Charlotte market for us 12/14 Maybe lambs on the farm!

The whole crew in the revamped pasture area!

Charlotte Regional Farmers' Market

8am-noon, 1801 Yorkmont Rd. 

As you may have seen on the weather reports tomorrow is not predicted to be very pleasant.  Here in the foothills we expect it to be barely 40 degrees and raining!  Unfortunately (and unusually for us), we are going to let the weather scare us away this time.  All spring and summer you can count on us through rain and weather.  But when its cold and wet---well we have a good excuse.  

All of the ewes, the mother sheep, are pregnant.  We expect three of them to lamb any day now.  When its cold and wet it is very important for us to be able to take care of the lambs as soon as they are born.  The sheep flock is still out on pasture.  They have shelter that works great for adults, but not the newborn lambs.  So we will be at the farm tomorrow making sure all the animals stay as warm and dry as they can (we might get a little soggy and cold, but that's our job!)

We plan to attend next week's market on the 21st.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but we hope you'll pre-order pork and beef for next week!

Photos from the day's projects preparing for the rain

Getting Started early.

Bedding for the layers form the sawmill down the road

Moving the chicken palace to higher ground.  Keepin' their feet dry!

Hay bedding (and a snack) for the pigs

This is actually haylage.  Hay that's baled wet and fermented to improve its nutritional value (think sauerkraut)

The hens like the haylage just as much as the pigs.  Because its baled wet the rolls are several times heavier than dry hay.  The bobcat is a necessity for moving them around.

Hens under the palace.  They are scratching up the spilled bedding.

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