Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Critters Around the Farm

What's happening on the farm this winter?
The majority of our time has been tending to animal water and food, checking on new lambs, hauling hot water, and then taking some time off!  
We're getting seed orders together, doing taxes, and getting ready for the spring season. 
Whew... paperwork time.

Our handsome pasture ornament and entertainer, Davy Crockett the turkey.

Relaxed guarding. Tazi the Akbash livestock guardian.

What was that?

Show off! These guys like to impress us. And they are so gentle. So far.

It's 10 degrees. Arctic blasts and all. The sows and hens get warm water brought out to them since tap water just refreezes. Door to door spa time.


24 hour old lambs are a bit wobbly.

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