Friday, June 29, 2012

Saturday June 30th
Conover and Morganton Farmers' Markets til noon

This week’s organic garden harvest
Carrots, sweet Nantes
        “Red Russian”
Swiss Chard
Potatoes- Red, White and Blue potatoes! Yes those are the colors.  I love this potato mixture so much, and it makes the most festive All-American potato salad.  These are new potatoes so don’t scrub them. Soak them in cool water for 5 or 10 minutes and gently wipe them with a paper towel so the tasty, tender skins don’t tear off.
Garlic- You’ve never had garlic like this.  The garlic is a freshly harvested heirloom variety called Chesnook Red.
Cucumbers- Don’t miss our specialty, snack size, and American slicing cucumber varieties. 
Summer Squash- Flavor!  We’ve got some tasty varieties.  Nutty, firm, with a tender texture.  We’ve got 5 different types of squash for you. Choose from Cousa, Slik, Goldy, Parthenon, and Zephyr.

RED, WHITE, AND BLUE!  Stunning potatoes from our garden.  Image (and organic seed potatoes) from

See our pastured meats availability below in the next blog post.  Pork chops and more!

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