Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Returning soon!  This Saturday at Conover and Morganton Farmers Markets.  Wednesday, the 4th of July for Hickory Farmers Market.    
      Delicious Bluebird Farm pastured pork raised with certified organic grains from Reedy Fork Farm!  

Still available:  Eggs from free range hens on pasture and pastured chicken. All fed certified organic grains.

The layer flock in the pasture with sheep and their palace.

And the vegetables keep growing!

Elisa and the delicious carrots!

The root crops are coming!  This week we have more tasty, sweet garden carrots at the Morganton and Conover Markets.  It is a great job pulling the bright orange, crisp roots from the soil.  After this weekend’s rain the soil was a crumbly texture perfect for digging.  The loose dark brown dirt just fell away from the roots.  The next digging project was potatoes.  This year we planted some potatoes here at Bluebird Farm to avoid the insect problems present in the big field at the other farm.  We also planted some over there to try to have more quantity.  We haven’t dug them up yet.  But the potatoes here at the home farm grew beautifully.  This week we'll have Yukon Gold potatoes at the Saturday  Morganton and Conover Markets. -a creamy yellow-gold type of potato.  Digging for potatoes is kind of looking for eggs, but in the ground.  We use the digging fork to loosen the soil around the plants.  But we can’t dig any closer because we might stab potatoes (stabbed about a dozen).  So then we go through by hand and grub for potatoes-turning them out of unexpected lumps of dirt and weeds.  It is quite the fun job, especially when you’re rewarded with baskets full of potatoes at the end!  Enjoy the bounty,
Your farmers,
 William and Marie

  William with a garden fork. 

Adam and Elisa display the fine potato harvest from a few beds.

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