Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's in season from the farm?

At the Market

Find us at these local Farmers' Markets
·        Wednesday, Hickory Farmers’ Market,  10 am- 3pm, Union Square
 ·       Saturday, Morganton Farmers’ Market, 8 am- noon, 300 Beach St- behind Geppetos and More Lace
 ·       Saturday, Hickory Farmers’ Market, 8 am- 1pm, Union Square

  • Kale-  The spring plants are producing very juicy leaves now. So juicy and tender. Great raw if you are a kale lover.  Try rubbing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for raw salads. Or kale soup! Varieties: "Red Russian, Laccinato, Curly"
  • Swiss Chard- "Rainbow"
  • Dill- Fresh dill is the best chopped and sprinkled over salads.  Or try this tip from Rob and Whitney Walker...sprinkle fresh dill and garlic over our thick pork chops and grill to perfection.
  • Cilantro- Did you know that cilantro is excellant in beans, and quesedillas?Try this special garden tip...Freshen up canned salsas with chopped fresh cilantro and minced onion.  Yep! Cilantro is in season right now.  This herb prefers cool weather and actually doesn't really like to grow during the traditional "salsa" season." 
  • Radishes- "French Breakfast" variety
  • Baby lettuce mix-  leaves of baby lettuce make up the lettuce mix this week.
 Pastured Pork- We have a full selection of our delicious pastured porkOur hogs are fed GMO-free certified organic grains and raised outdoors on pasture.·        Thick bone-in chops, country sausage, whole tenderloin, boneless ham roasts, bone-in shoulder roasts, spare ribs country backbones, spicy chorizo sausage, bratwurst, Sweet Italian sausage, thick sliced side meat and ground pork. Free Range, Pastured Eggs- Our hens are raised outdoors in the sunshine! The pastures are finally greening up and drying out, so the hens are out and about on the pasture with the sheep. Our laying hens are fed non-medicated conventional grains and rotated through pastures with their portable hen wagon coop. (We are not using organic grains this year, ask us at market about the switch back to conventional grains for just the layer hens) Pastured ChickenChicken available starting May 18th! The meat chickens are out running and flapping through the new lush grass, but we won’t have any chicken at market until the middle of May.  We raise the Freedom Ranger meat chicken breed on grass pastures, and we feed 100% certified organic grains, GMO-free.

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