Tuesday, May 7, 2013

12 inches of rain in 24 hours.

Silver Creek left it's banks very early Monday morning and snaked around the bottomland and back into the creek. Low spots flooded, but our vegetables are up in raised beds and didn't get too inundated with water.  If the water had been much higher, we would have needed to move the animals to higher ground.  The worse damage was that some of our chicks caught colds and died from the overly wet weather. Very close call!   At our home farm, water flowing across every piece of the property...little creeks popped up every where! 

Silver Creek left its banks in a few spots and crosses the bottomland.
 If it had rained much more, we would have moved the animals to higher ground!

 The water was a bit higher than this earlier in the day.

 Raised beds drain quickly- the veggies won't have wet feet for very long.

 Hey, this little creek is usually a 4 inch deep ditch filled with grass!
 This is the bottom of our veggie field.

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