Friday, April 12, 2013

Farm Day at Bluebird Farm
Friday, April 19th, 4-7 pm

Have you been wanting to see the farm?
Come visit your local farm!
Play hooky from work and enjoy spring at the farm!

There is a big chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon... If it is pouring rain from 4-7pm, we'll reschedule...otherwise, wear your shoes that can get a bit muddy on a farm!

We’ll give tours of the farm and tell you about organic methods of our diverse small farm. See the vegetable gardens tucked away on our farm, visit the meat chickens on the fresh spring pasture, and check out the “Chicken Palace,” the hen coop on a hay wagon.
Bring your children! We love sharing the farm with kids, and kids love running around on a farm! 

Tours will start at approximately every 30 minutes.  

See where your farm fresh food comes from.
Buy farm fresh food. We’ll have our market tent set up with great farm food available like our pastured pork,  and fresh eggs.

Directions We look forward to seeing you here at Bluebird Farm Friday 4/19 from 4-7 pm. 
Please see our directions page on our website. Mapquest and vehicle GPS systems get you to the pasture; use our directions to navigate the driveway to the garden and barn.

Visiting FAQ's
Why are you holding the farm day on a Friday? Well, we can't do it all! We attend 2 Farmers' Markets on Saturdays and we don't work on Sundays.  William and I don't think we'll be able to attend 2 Farmers' Markets and a farm day in the same day!
Can't I come to the farm some other day?  Yes. But..We are a working farm and are busy farming sun-up to sunset most of the year.  You can come and visit the farm on Wednesdays from 4:30- 6:00pm starting May 29th- September 25th.  That is the same time that some of our farm CSA members come to the farm every week, so we'll be nearby to answer questions and show you the gardens.
What sort of shoes should I wear? Wear sturdy walking shoes that can get muddy, because you'll be at a farm and the ground is uneven and lumpy.
Is the farm near any restaurants?  Enjoy some dinner after the farm tour!  Bluebird Farm is about 10 minutes from downtown Morganton.  Wisteria  is a great local farm to table restaurant that buys all sorts of produce, meats, and cheeses from Bluebird Farm and other farms within 50 miles.  Check out our smoked pork belly on some tasty dishes at Root and Vine.  Root and Vine features a great atmosphere and a delicious menu.  The Grind Cafe has delicious hot sandwiches, pasta salad, tapas, and a great wine selection.  They even have some great jazz Friday the 19th at 7:30pm with Centerpiece Jazz in the Wine Bar upstairs.

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