Monday, April 29, 2013

Beautiful Day at the Farm

Well, weather like yesterday's it isn't hard to beat, but it sure was a beautiful day on the farm today.  We jumped right into the week with a big sheep move.  Usually we are just moving the flock daily to their new patch of grass.  But they'd grazed all the available grass at our home farm.  So today was the day that we herded them onto the livestock trailer and took them down the road to our big field.

You may have seen photos of the big field in our market book or on the blog.  It is a piece of bottom land about 3 mile sup Silver Creek from our home farm.   We lease land there from a family friend who has farmed there for about 25 years.  Marie grew up visiting them, and it has been a great relationship with us starting to use land that he had rotated out of production.

At the big field there is grass galore.  And have some minor hoof trimming-like a quick visit to the nail salon-the flock was ready to hit the ground eating.  The flock move was a good project for today because the ground was really too wet to do much of anything in the vegetable field.  Soon enough we will be busy there though, hilling potatoes, weeding, and planting summer crops like cucumbers, tomatoes,  peppers, and much more.

Stay tuned for more photos and news.

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