Monday, September 7, 2009

September Newsletter


William and I, having returned to North Carolina to farm, have hit the ground running. Our new enterprise is called Bluebird Farm. We are very excited to farm in beautiful North Carolina! Thank you to all of our customers who have enjoyed the farm fresh eggs from our hens on green pastures. As you know, our family has been helping us by raising our young laying hens. A big thank you goes out to them for all of their hard work. William and I have been busy with farm work. We will produce chemical-free vegetables and hormone/antibiotic-free meat from animals on pastures.

Picture a farm where your eggs come from. Are the hens raised humanely, outside eating grass? Or do they live in a crowded warehouse with thousands of other chickens? Even “cage-free” and “free range” hens live in conditions like these. Our hens can always eat fresh grass and roam around eating insects. Our farm fresh eggs are flavorful, low in saturated fats, high in essential omega 3’s and vitamin D, and low in cholesterol.

Raising healthy hens in a way that protects the environment and provides a living for local farmers requires some higher costs. To reflect these costs, our eggs are $3.50/dozen. This money goes directly to the farmers and back to the raising of healthy, happy chickens and our labor.

In addition to our eggs we will have delicious produce this fall. We will have baby salad mix, stir-fry greens, spinach, and other fall vegetables at the end of September. These greens are full of flavor, fresh harvested, and you know they are environmentally safe. Our vegetables are produced using organic methods (not currently certified), so you know that they are always chemical free. We build the health of the soils to ensure high nutrition in our vegetables and the grass the animals eat.

Our animals are raised on pastures with continuous access to fresh grass and grains. Pastured animals have high quality meat that is more flavorful, low in saturated fats, and higher in essential omega 3 fatty acids than conventional meats. Our first pastured meat will be whole, broiler chickens. Our broiler chickens are out on the pasture enjoying grass and insects. These chickens will be butchered at the end of September. Order now to get whole, dressed chickens. The meat does not contain any water or salts from processing so you purchase meat not water! Available for $3.50/lb.

We would love to have your email so we can keep you updated as the farm grows and we have new products. The best way to learn about the food you eat is to visit the farm where it is grown. We would love for you to visit. We are just outside of Morganton. Please email for directions or questions at Look for updates and more photos about the farm here on our blog at:

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