Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Chickens

A comfortable, active life? Delicious food? Count me in! Our chickens have the good life! The broiler chickens are enjoying the pasture around our towering black walnut trees. We currently moving them to a fresh piece of the pasture twice a day. The broiler chickens know that we bring them delicious food. They wait for us at the door, squawking with excitement. They know human visits= exciting new food. As we pull the "hoop coop" forward to fresh grass, they line up along the fresh grass and jostle each other for the best spot.

Currently, most people see how the animals they eat are raised, and that allows industrial systems to raise animals not on a farm but in a warehouse or in a feedlot. Our farm is open to visitors. Everyone can visit our farm and see what a good life our animals have.

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