Monday, September 7, 2009

Pastured Meat and Eggs

This fall we have our pastured eggs and pastured broiler chickens for meat. The key word in both products is pastured. The word lets you know, as a consumer, that our birds have continuous access to fresh grass. Chickens, like most birds, are omnivores, so in addition to the grass in the pasture the chickens hunt insects and find weed seeds. Taken together this pasture diet is extremely important to the health of the animals and so to our health.

Because of the pasture diet meat, dairy, and eggs from pastured animals carry an almost endless list of nutritional benefits. In general pastured animal products are low in bad fats, high in good fats, high in vitamins, and rich in anti-oxidants.

In addition, we raise our animals without antibiotics or hormones. This is important because 70% of antibiotics used in this country are used on animals that aren’t even sick. The medications are given as a preventative measure because the production system is so unhealthy undedicated animals would quickly sicken and die. This widespread use of antibiotics in animals is contributing to the rise of drug resistant diseases.
A great source for information on the benefits of pasture raised meat, dairy, and eggs is:

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