Thursday, July 31, 2014

Order Your Lamb Pack Now!


We have a few lamb packs available now for pickup this Saturday and a few other dates.

 Hurry, order right now! See below for our ordering details. Our lamb packs sell quickly! If you miss out this time, we’ll have more lamb packs ready around October.
 Our lambs are raised on grass pastures. No grain for fattening.  Fat from grass pastures only.  Rotationally grazing for healthy land and healthy animals.

 Lamb Packs:
Vacuum-sealed, frozen.
Approx. 1/3 of a lamb.  You’ll get a great variety of amazing cuts of lamb for roasting, stewing, broiling, and grilling. Vacuum-sealed, frozen.
 Approx $175.
1 leg of lamb roast (average 2.75 lbs) •2 packs thick lamb rib chops- 2 chops/pack (0.85 lb/pack)
•2 packages of thick lamb loin chops-2 chops/ pack, (0.55 lb/ pack) •4 packs of ground lamb (1 lb/pack)
•2 packs of lamb stew/kabob meat (1 lb packs) •1  free pack of meaty riblets for broth 

8/2 Sat. Hickory Farmers Market, 8-noon
8/2 Sat. Morganton Farmers Market,  8-noon
8/2 Sat. Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, 8-noon
8/6 Wed. Hickory Farmers Market, 10-3pm
8/6 Wed. Bluebird Farm 4-6pm
8/9 Sat. Hickory Farmers Market, 8-noon
8/9 Sat. Morganton Farmers Market, 8-noon
8/9 Sat. Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, 8-noon

Pay at pickup with check or cash.  No deposit necessary.
Each Lamb Pack costs approximately $175, however the actual total of your Lamb Pack can be between $160-$190 after your lamb is weighed and prices are calculated.  Since we organize and total the lamb packs just before market, we can’t have a total ready for you by phone or email in advance of the pickup date.  

Order Now: 
Please email by 1pm Friday 8/1 for pickup Saturday, 8/2. All other orders after 1pm can be picked up either Wed 8/6 or Sat 8/9.  Please email back with the following information:

1. Name, Pickup Location and Date.
2. Number of lamb packs.
3. Requests for any additional items of lamb with your lamb pack. First come, first serve. (ie: additional 2 lbs ground lamb and 1 leg of lamb roast)  We will try our best to accommodate these requests, but we pack any additional items just before market, so additional items will be a surprise! We will add them to your lamb pack total.

Lamb Prices per pound for Lamb Packs and additional lamb items
Ground Lamb        $11/ lb
Lamb Kabob           $11/ lb
Leg of lamb roast  $14/ lb
Lamb Chops           $19/ lb

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