Thursday, November 21, 2013

Farm News

Our first crop for the 2014 season is planted-garlic!  You plant garlic in the fall and harvest the next year in the spring/early summer.  We have 5 amazing varieties with poetic names almost as good as they taste-Chesnook red, music, silver rose, Russian red, and Romanian red.  They will poke their first green shoots above the soil, and then sit dormant until the spring when they will take off.  By late May they will be ready to harvest. 

We thank you for your support! Farmer face all sorts of challenges, even before we bring the harvest to market and hope that we get paid for our work!  It was a year filled with weather challenges.  We continue to face weather challenges as a dry fall stretches on.  The recent rain was a great help, we hope to get normal rains through the winter so we don’t start next season in drought.  Of course we also hope it doesn’t switch back to flooding all winter.   
Vintage corner of the farm.

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