Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Roots and Delicious Meats at Charlotte Market

Clyde the Great Pyrenees guard dog loves cold weather!

Amazing Roots and Delicious Meats at Charlotte Market

Come see us at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market at 1801 Yorkmont Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217

It will probably be a little chilly, but we harvested all sorts of veggies for you and they are ready to go home with you.  Enjoy some late fall fresh local veggies.


Oh My! Beets, carrots, and greens continue to produce beautiful roots after the frost.  In fact they develop more delicious sweetness in cool nights.  These carrots just glow orange and the beets just drip their deep magenta color.  

This week on the farm we harvested as fast and as much as we could on Monday and Tuesday because we knew extra cold weather was coming.  

Then on the frosty, cold days we worked on one of our farm improvement projects-installing a water line.  We're burying 1000 feet of line to reach the upper side of our property.  That will help us this winter with the sheep and laying hens.  For 3 years we've had to run hoses out to animals form the house spigot.  The carefully drain them all so they don't freeze.  The water line will bring convenient water right to the animals.

The middle section of the water line

Freshly buried water line

Laying the next 100 feet.  Only 400 feet to go!

On the way home from Charlotte Market

Driving the big truck and trailer.  Almost one of the big boys!

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  1. Great to meet you today at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market and thank you for taking the time to explain how you raise your beef on your farm! Your carrots and radishes were so beautiful that my husband & I tried them with a homemade dip while making dinner. I washed them but they didn't even need peeling! The taste is so different that he could eat them without any dip at all & he is not a big veggie person. Arugula was awesome as well. I washed it, but really didn't need it at all. Can't wait to see you again and try more! Thanks again for what you do and for making the trip to Charlotte! :)