Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring veggies are coming!

This weekend we'll be planting a field of tiny kale and Swiss chard transplants.  We'll also plant potatoes and sugar snap peas.  The traditional local wisdom is that you plant peas and potatoes on St. Patrick's day, but this year with the wet cold soil, we're waiting for better conditions so the seeds don't rot in the ground.  Warm soil temps are what make plants grow- not the calendar's date!

Our greenhouse is full of lettuce, bok choy, scallions, herbs, peppers, and many more little vegetable transplants. Outside, we have covered "greenhouse tables" for young veggie transplants that are being acclimated to colder weather.  Some little veggies are sprouting in the garden beds under fabric row covers that help protect the little seeds and plants.
Marie adding lime to the veggie fields
We got a dry day for tractors in the veggie fields!

All the animals are waiting for the grass to grow tall enough to graze. Right now it is too wet for their sharp little hooves- they'll punch through the soil and churn it up too much.  They have to be content with a nice crunchy hay for now.  
Sheep munching on winter hay

Sweet Pea, the bad sheep and a few of her friends.
Tazi, sweet guardian of the flock

Little Okra always has a smile for you!

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