Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farm Planning

We have planned and planned. We have ordered some animals and some infrastructure. We still have so much to do though. I checked out Elliot Coleman's New Organic Grower and have been reading about winter harvesting. It is exciting to see so many possibilities for winter harvest! Besides all the greens there is cilantro, onions, and many roots I wasn't sure would work. But he harvest through the winter in Maine, so I'm sure we can manage something in North Carolina.

We are thinking of getting some milk goats. Marie headed up a two goat dairy last summer--making cheese and yogurt for sale. Everyone in the CSA enjoyed it so much. We would like to find some good goats for a reasonable price to at least supply our dairy through the winter. We do have to decide if the cost in money and time is worth it.

Goats would be a huge asset in that they would be a ruminant animal capable of greatly helping restore the health of the pasture. Chicken and pigs don't have the same health giving ability as ruminants. Both poultry and hogs are omnivores who dig, root, and scratch. Under very careful management and with good rotations they can be beneficial, or at least neutral, to pasture health. But some goats could work wonders for the pasture.

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