Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farm in the mail

We have a farm in the mail! We have ordered meat chickens, egg layers, and some heritage breed makes to begin experimenting with for meat. We have also ordered some fencing and energizers. We are keeping Larry busy running around in Morganton. He will have chickens to care for and things to buy that we find on Craig's list. It is amazing to have someone on the ground in Morganton-what a help!

I have been so excited everyday just thinking about our farm. We will have so much to do on arrival. I want to squeeze in a fall crop of greens, we have a mobile processing unit reserved for two dates, and we will be able to make the last two weeks of the Morganton farmers market. The mobile processing unit is a chicken butchering plant on a flat bed that farmers can rent for cheap. NC allows farmers to butcher up to 1000 poultry (and rabbit) units on farm each year. We will be getting what we can for this year.

We still don't have a farm name though. We need to figure one out, it would be helpful on the business side of things. Now that we have begun to buy equipment and animals a name would be good. Gisella and Larry are also both talking us up among friends and coworkers. A name would help there as well. We will see.

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