Friday, February 6, 2015

Grateful Farmers...We Thank Our Farm Members, and Our Future Farm Members.

     The farmers are waiting for spring, and spring is near! William and I are getting ready for the rocket growth of our grass, vegetables, and animals...all we have to do for now is plan vegetable maps, prepare the soil, and wait for the ground to warm and the soil to smell like spring for the rush of growth.

Become a Farm Member!

We can't do without you!  Every group needs its core members. Our Community Supported Agriculture members (CSA) are our core members. No farm= No food.   But we think... No members= No farm.  We love sharing our farm's bounty with folks who are searching for that connection with one of their most important everyday actions. Eating food.  How about eating healthy, local food? When you support Bluebird Farm by becoming a CSA member, you are directly supporting local sustainable agriculture, and supporting the people who are the next generation of agriculture.

The excitement and rewards of planting and harvesting our vegetables, tending our animals, and building soil tilth and structure is held in a secure framework of people who eat our foods and support the stewardship of our farm! We thank you!  We care for our farm's people and our farm's families.

>>>Learn more about our Community Supported Agriculture memberships here<<<

Marie sneaks in a hug of a 2 day old January lamb.
Our beautiful December hogs: these are Duroc, Spots, Berkshire, and Yorkshire crosses.  That pink color from the Yorkshire comes through strong!

Okra the dog gets her own computer chair for office work with Marie
Flopsy the sow shares her dinner with squirmy piglets. They like their sow's milk better than grain!
Preparing for spring with soil samples and maps.

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