Friday, September 26, 2014

It is roast chicken weather!

We've got a fine selection of big, beautiful 4.25 pound roasting chickens from our fall flock.

~Marie's Kitchen Chicken Tip
For whole chickens, loosen all the skin over the breast with your fingers. Just put your fingers under the skin at the neck, pull, and separate the skin from the breast.  Then stuff the herb, salt, and garlic mixture that you use for the outside of the chicken all over the breast.  This makes a nice herb infused roast chicken breast.  Your herb rub doesn't soak through skin when you just rub it on the outside, so this step literally packs flavor right onto the meat.

Don't know how to cook a whole chicken?
Does the breast dry out before the thighs are done? 

Check out our Herb Roasted Chicken recipe, and see Marie's extra tip for getting the breast and thighs done to perfection at the same time.

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