Friday, May 2, 2014

Wow. The vegetables have grown about 6 inches in 3 days. We had a beautiful first harvest today!

Chives (Garlic and Round)

Farm Flavor for your Kitchen:
 Sprinkle chopped herbs over your salad or into a sauteed dish. Dill and cilantro will spice up your life. Kale, arugula, and radishes have been harvested and are ready to go home with you! Take a spring harvest home with you and make a spring salad of arugula, dill, marinated radishes, and chopped boiled eggs.

Saute' some Sweet Italian sausage and kale for my favorite farm flavors. Or try a Mexican skillet with sauteed kale, chorizo, and black beans with chopped cilantro over it.

Support your local farmers! You get flavorful food from a trusted source, and in return you help us pay our rent and keep our lights on.  Our dedicated you!...keep us going every day, so we can continue being stewards of the land.

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