Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lucky Lettuce

Thanks to Hannah for the beautiful farm pics!
A super unusual summer garden plant! Lettuce in August! 
       Hey! Does anyone remember when it rained and rained and rained? Which time am I talking about?  The 4th of July was very rainy and cool.  No one got to go swimming or watch fireworks due the days and days of storming.  However, here at the farm, we did plant some lettuce seeds and they germinated (sprouted and grew), which is usually an impossible gardening feat in the summer.  
     Lettuce does not sprout very well when the temperature is in the 80’s.  It will usually just stay dormant.   And if you do get it to germinate or sprout during the months that we receive 90 degree weather, the mature heads or baby lettuce usually tastes very bitter.  But it was never terribly hot this summer, so my little 4th of July experiment worked.  
     This lettuce will fill the boxes of our very lucky CSA members this week!

Arugula is growing quickly

Pumpkin patch

Farm pictures from Marie....
Cinnamon basil- good to attract bees and other pollinators

This is  our tasty tomato high tunnel, hoophouse, or cheap Haygrove. Whatever you call it, it helps us make some delicious organic tomatoes!

Fruitful harvest. This is Defiant, Ozark Pink, Arkansas Traveler, and Eva Purple Ball.

Black cherry and sungold cherry.


Freshly planted collards on the left.  A bed of radishes and arugula in the center.

Our cheerleader, Okra

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