Friday, July 19, 2013

We're growing for you! 

We thank everyone for their farmers' market purchases and CSA farm memberships!

We can't be around to farm without your support.  Thanks for the support! 

Summer Markets
We're asking for your continued support throughout the summer and fall.   Even when our market table is looking less full than usual, our vegetables still want to go home to your kitchen with you!  

Fall CSA Vegetable Boxes
Become a Member

The Fall CSA is 8 weeks long and runs from October 2nd until November 20th.  Pickup on Wednesdays in Hickory or Morganton.  Fall CSA boxes are a little bit smaller than our full season CSA boxes and  cost $120 for 8 weeks. ($15 week)
Here's an example Fall CSA box.
1 kale bunch
1 Swiss chard bunch (or tender baby collards)
1 head of lettuce
1 bag of arugula
1 bunch radishes (or 1 bunch of herbs)
plus a few others...
Other Possible Vegetables that may be included
sweet potatoes
sweet bell peppers

Become a Member- Sign Up Here

Pickup Locations- Wednesdays

Morganton- Nature's Bounty

4-6pm.  Pickup your veggie share and egg share at Nature's Bounty, 306 South Sterling Street, in downtown Morganton.  The shares will be dropped off at the location by 4 pm.   Nature's Bounty closes at 6 pm. 

Bluebird Farm

4-6pm.  Come on out to pick-up at the farm. Pickup your box of veggies in the walk-in fridge at the barn.

Hickory- Hickory Farmers' Market

10-3pm.  Pick up your share at our market stand at the Wednesday Hickory Farmers Market.  October 2nd-October 30th.
Final three dates November 6th, 13th, and 20th location and time T.B.D. (market will have ended) (Pickup hours will include the lunch hour...noon to 1pm)

Pick up your box as early as possible during the market to ensure the freshest produce.

Weather challenges are always huge obstacles for farmers. 

What is more disheartening is to have losses from weather, harvest what you have left in the fields, and then not sell the harvested vegetables at the Farmers' Market.  

Every little purchase counts.  (Even the $2 ones.) Pass it along to your friends!

We haven't had any severe damages with the flooding and wet weather (no floating cars or animals or completely wiped out plants), but many plants have been struggling and not producing well  (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, potatoes, basil)  That's because it's been cool and the field has been flooded or saturated with water.  (roots don't like to drown.)

This is for all you out there that have wanted to know the details..We don't want to sound negative, but here's a bit of the damage in the vegetable field.  The water table is at the surface of the field for the 7th?(stopped counting) time.  This means there are small ponds and standing water in many places.  The squash blossoms have rotted on the plants. The bell peppers plants are alive but toppled over almost to the ground.  Some potatoes have rotted in the ground.  The weeds are ferocious and grow 3 inches a week.  Some beans plants and cucumbers plants are rotting at the base of their stems.  The pigs are happy "as a pig in mud," but we are keeping them moving around the farm into new paddocks so they don't make mud bricks!

The Positive Side...

We'll have some beautiful tomatoes and peppers if the plants can handle the weather stress.  We currently have beautiful cucumbers. Beautiful!  Beets aren't a sexy vegetable like a tomato. They just aren't natural divas like tomatoes are.  But we have some very handsome beets.  Very sweet tasting and good-natured beets for you to enjoy

And...We've got our packets of amazing organic seeds, the organic fertilizer, and a positive outlook on beautiful fall vegetables.  More kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, radishes, Hakerai turnips, carrots, beets, arugula, and scallions.  And hopefully peppers and tomatoes will produce well all the way into the end of September.  Sweet potatoes should be making an entrance around the 3rd week of September.

Here's to fine summer farm eating! 

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