Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The Mudpit  Road. 
Muddy path in the squash

We have sandy loam soils.  The soil in our big vegetable field drains water in record time.  But this May and June's approximately 20 inches of rain have kept some roads, paths, and fields very soggy.  Weeds love water and so do veggies, but the vegetable plants can get waterlogged and sad.

So many weeds!  Poor squash plants!
We don't use synthetic chemical like Roundup.  Weeding has to happen at key moments- but many projects need to happen at key moments, so sometimes the weeding doesn't get done.  Like when the soil is so wet that when you pull grass out of the ground, it will start growing again!

The hens love the beautiful clover that is still in the pastures from the cool weather!

We are growing some wonderful grasses and clovers!

Okra the dog likes to supervise our work.

Potato time!

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