Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 More farm fresh food for your table in November!

Greetings from Bluebird Farm,
See you at the Hickory Market tomorrow the 31st from 10 am til 3 pm. 
This is the last regular Hickory Market this fall....but.. we will be back to Hickory next week on the 7th at Youssef 242 Restaurant
We will be in Conover this Saturday the 3rd from 10-noon at the Conover Hardware Store!
..please see our Farmers' Market Page to view all of the different special markets and special order market dates through November and December in Morganton, Hickory, and Conover.  Check out our Farmers’ Market webpage to see theNovember/December Schedule.

Wednesdays in November in Hickory: We will bring our pastured pork, pastured beef, and yummy organic (not certified) vegetables to Hickory in November...Meet us at the Special Fall/Winter  Farmers' Market at Youssef 242 Restaurant on Wednesdays from 1-4 pm in Hickory. 

Special Order Markets…Come meet us this winter in Hickory, Conover, or Morganton. It’s easy....  1.  You make a special order on our Online Farm Store. 2. We meet you in Hickory,Conover, or Morganton with your order on our special order market date!  You can order 2 pounds or you could order 40 pounds, you choose exactly what you’d like from what we have available!

Fresh vegetables- We'll have collards, radiant kale, green tomatoes, Swiss Chard, and butter crunch lettuce on select Wednesdays in Hickory and Fridays in Morganton, and Conover in November!

We now have plenty of delicious pastured pork now, and we will have our pastured pork all winter.  We have plenty of beef through the fall season- until at least Thanksgiving or Christmas!  After we run out of beef, we won’t have it again until early next fall.

Pastured, free range hogs rooting it up! (Free-range behind a fence of course.)  
No concrete, overcrowded factory pens in sight!

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