Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall greens are back!

Freshly harvested vegetables and pastured pork for you.  See you at market in Morganton and Conover today!

This week’s garden harvest-raised using 100% organic methods-no chemical fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides.  Hooray for poison free food!

The cooler weather has brought the return of crops that we haven’t enjoyed since spring.  Kale, swiss chard, arugula and baby lettuce mix are back!  But now we get to enjoy these same greens with some of the lingering flavors of summer-red peppers, basil and tomatoes are still around!

Kale- We have been sautéing the kale with red peppers.  Served with some sausage or bratwurst mmmmm…  This week we have all three of our favorite types of kale, tender red Russian, heirloom lacinato (dinosaur kale) and traditional full bodied curly kale.

A tender favorite-red russian kale

Swiss Chard- a great addition to late summer mixed vegetable dishes.  Use in place of spinach for spinach and rice stuffed sweet peppers or in a tomato sauce served with pasta.

Swiss chard in neat rows.  Quick get a photo before the weeds take over!

Arugula- Fresh salads! How about some red pepper with the peppery arugula?

Radishes-delicious, crisp, and with the right amount of bite French breakfast radishes (sorry a smaller harvest means they will only be available in Morganton this week-more to come though)

Lettuce Mix- Tender and buttery baby lettuce mix. Mix with arugula.

Cherry tomatoes- little gems of sunshine. Intense flavors.  Yellow, red, gold, black-purple tomatoes.

Basil! Time to make pesto. The clock towards the frost is ticking. Only 3 more weekends til a frost is likely. I like to freeze my pesto in pint freezer bags.  You can also freeze it in ice cube trays and then store in a freezer bag. Oh, the basil. The aroma of summer! 

Bell Peppers, Sweet Bell and Italian Frying Peppers- no synthetic chemicals.  Red and ripe! So sweet and ripe. Amazing raw or cooked.

The fall garden area with the tomato hoops in the background

Pasture Raised Pork:

Remember, hiding in our coolers are all cuts of our delicious forest/pasture raised pork.  We feed the hogs certified organic grain so you know that not only is the animal healthy and happy but it is also eating a chemical free, GMO-free diet.  Why should we feed our animals something we would rather not eat?  By feeding only certified organic grains to all our animals, hogs, layer hens, and meat chickens we help to support more diverse, environmentally sustainable organic farms.

Try the sausages: This week we recommend any of our sausages Italian, Bratwurst, or Country Sausage, as a great pairing with the fresh greens coming into season.  Or perhaps you need to get out to the grill just a few more times this fall with some Spare ribs, or Pork Chops.  

A pictures worth a thousand words

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