Friday, August 10, 2012

Greetings from Bluebird Farm,
Saturday Farmers Markets tomorrow.
Conover 7:30 am til noon
Morganton 8 am til noon
We have pork again this week. Country sausage, Italian sausage links, ground Italian sausage

Try a fancy tomato sandwich.  Well, not fancy, just garden fresh.  Toast your bread lightly and spread your favorite savory goat cheese on one or both sides of the bread.  Sprinkle chopped leaves of fresh basil over the goat cheese, layer sliced garden tomatoes, and add a dash of salt and fresh black pepper.  Serve on a plate with salted chopped cucumbers.

This week’s garden harvest

Cherry tomatoes- little gems of sunshine. Intense flavors.  Yellow, red, gold, black-purple tomatoes.
Slicing tomatoes- Wow. The prima donnas of the garden.  Tomatoes can be finicky little garden plants.  But the vine ripened flavor of an organic slicing tomato is worth it!
Basil! Oh, the basil. The aroma of summer!  Try a fancy tomato sandwich.   See the sandwich idea above.
Bell peppers, Sweet Bell- no synthetic chemicals.  Peppers are another item that is on the Dirty Dozen list for conventional produce that is sprayed heavily with pesticides and fungicides. 
Cucumbers- Sweet and crunchy. Get your cucumber fix- the cucumber season is now, not in October-May.
Summer Squash and Zucchini- Flavor!  We’ve got some tasty varieties.  Nutty, firm, with a tender texture.  We’ve got 5 different types of squash and zucchini for you. Choose from, Slik, Goldy, Parthenon, and Zephyr.

Pastured Pork- Country sausage, Italian sausage links, and ground Italian sausage.

Pastured Chicken- Free range on grass pastures, fed certified organic grains. Flavorful and tender.
-Whole chickens
-Packs of 2 leg quarters and 2 wings
Pastured Free Range Eggs- All our animals are fed certified organic grains.  Our hens love the color red.  Red means juicy tomatoes! Any tomatoes with cracks or splits that won’t ripen properly get flung into the hen pasture- and they go wild.

Our forest pigs are enjoying the forest jungle!

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