Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Farmer Friday is Back and a delicious soup idea

We will be at Catawba Valley Brewery this Friday 5-7pm. Look for us inside because it will be a little chilly.

This week the menu includes:

The wonderful Buttercrunch lettuce
Napa Cabbage-good for slaws, salads, or cooked
Swiss Chard

We will have our full selection of pork and chicken. Just last week I made a simple and delicious soup with our chorizo sausage.

Pureed Pumpkin, sweet potato, southwestern soup

Serves 6 with leftovers-scale up or down as needed

Pureed pumpkin- about 4 cups
Pureed Sweet potato- about 4 cups
Chicken Stock-about 4 cups
One onion
1-2 lb chorizo
1-2 cans black beans

Heat pumpkin, stock, and sweet potato.
Saute onion (optional puree onion for a creamier soup)
Cook chorizo

Add onion, chorizo, and black beans to the soup. Salt to taste, serve with fresh diced cilantro and cornbread.

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