Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Planting Season on Bluebird Farm

Wow, March just flew by. The arrival of spring brings a whole new level of activity to the farm: soil preparation, seeding in the greenhouse, animals out on pasture, and transplanting. Everyday as we work in the field we can practically watch the grass get greener and the blossoms on the trees open up. One morning I noticed that the flowers on our magnolia were looking full and ready to burst. By that afternoon the trees were practically in full bloom. It is amazing to see and smell the plants waking up.

Misty the horse, Sweet Pea the sheep and Clyde the (very fast growing) Sheep-Horse-Dog

Some of our early vegetable starts just a few weeks ago. Some of these are already in the ground!

Beautiful Crabapple blossoms on the way to our garden.

Happy meat chickens on grass!

Row cover protecting young lettuce transplants from the vagrancies of spring weather.

William and a volunteer-Jenny. She has been a great help getting plants in the ground on time! This was just last week in full coats and hats on a wet chilly day.

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