Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Widening the Pasture

One of the many joys and challenges of living in a near rain forest climate is that when you turn your back, trees grow. Consequently, the once open pastures here at Bluebird Farm have shrunken as the trees advance around the edges. Cutting trees fills many winter days. We can do 3-6 big trees in half a days work. Then achy muscles usually forces us to do something else the rest of the day.

Proper warm ups and exercise are an important part of any hard work-a few reps with a tree trunk usually does the trick

A close encounter with the rare pine tree species Pinus horribulus, known for its savage revenge attacks on would-be lumber jacks. I was lucky to escape with my life!

Clearing in progress


  1. We do mostly burn wood. Although the white pine in this photo does make make good firewood. We sold it to the saw mill down the road to make wood chips out of.