Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pork Family Packs- Special Event at the farm

We are accepting advance orders for pastured pork! Family Pork Packs are available with a special discount Friday 5/28 at the farm only. Pick-up of the special discounted Family Packs is at the farm on Friday May 28 from 4-6:30. Visit the animals and garden when you pick up. Family Pork Packs contain a variety of our pork cuts and allow you to "shop" from your personal freezer. The entire Pork Pack will fit in your refrigerator's freezer.

Our pork has no added nitrates or preservatives. Cuts are vacuum sealed, labeled, frozen, and processed in a USDA certified butcher shop.

Small Family Pack
Contains a variety of cuts totaling approximately 22 pounds* of pork. Stock up and “shop” from your freezer-you’ll have all the common cuts of pork to make delicious meals. Try the pork chops for pan-frying, roasts for hearty dinners, ground country sausage for quick savory meals. The Small Family Pack will fit in your refrigerator’s freezer with plenty of room to spare! 8% Special discount from retail.

Large Family Pack
The Large Family Pack contains a variety of cuts totaling about 42 pounds* of meat. A great variety pack with all the common cuts including more sausage and pork chops! See details here. If you have a little more freezer space in your refrigerator’s freezer this is a great way to stock up and “shop” from your freezer. 10% Special discount from retail.

* Family Packs are based on the approximate weights of listed items- each cut of pork is unique!

Pork will be available directly from at the farm Friday May 28th from 4-6:30. This is a special discounted Family Pork Pack event. Call it a "direct from the butcher shop" sale! This is also a great chance to walk around the farm with your family and visit the animals and garden when you pick up.

Email us to order and place your deposit. Copy and paste one of the order choices below into your email to reserve your pastured pork, and then mail your deposit! Your order is not final until we receive your deposit. We will then confirm your order and remind you of the pick-up date.
__ I want to reserve my Small Family Pack now with a deposit of $50* (My check is in the mail)

__I want to reserve my Large Family Pack now with a deposit of $75* (My check is in the mail)
*Please make all checks payable to Bluebird Farm
Mail non-refundable deposits to:
Marie Williamson
4178 Bluebird Dr.
Morganton, NC 28655

To learn more about our pork- visit Bluebird Farm's website
Happy eating!
~Marie and William

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