Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food Safety bill: Take action now!

I want to make you aware of the current deliberations in the Senate on a food safety bill. This bill stems from legitimate food safety concerns such as E. Coli. in peanut butter or on vegetables. Unfortunately, the Senate has taken a one sized fits all approach to food safety. The current bill does little to differentiate industrial agriculture systems producing thousands of animals in houses or hundreds of acres of one vegetable from small diversifies farms like ours. The bill has the potential to force regulatory burdens on small farms that we cannot afford or comply with. This will have the exact opposite effect of what is intended. Instead of small, diverse, healthy farms you can come walk around on food production will become ever more consolidated as fewer big companies are able to comply with the increased regulation. If you value Bluebird Farm and all other small farms producing food that you can actually see please follow this link, read this article: and call our senators. Thank you for your support of Bluebird Farm and all small farms,

William Lyons and Marie Williamson